How to Install Nmap Network Scanner on Ubuntu

In this artical we are going to learn how to install nmap on Ubuntu. Network Mapper (Nmap) is a free, open-source network security scanning tool. By sending IP packets and analyzing the responses, Nmap can discover information about hosts and services on remote computer networks.

Nmap can also audit the security of a device, identify the vulnerabilities of your network, or perform an inventory check with relative ease.


  • A user with sudo privileges
  • Access to a command line
  • The apt package manager

Update Ubuntu

Make sure the software packages on your Ubuntu system are up-to-date with the command:

$ sudo apt update

how to install nmap on Ubuntu

Installing Nmap on Linux

The installation process of NMAP is simple and straightforward, requiring only a single command.

How to Install Nmap on Debian / Ubuntu

Install Nmap on Ubuntu by entering the following command:

$ sudo apt install nmap -y

how to install nmap on Ubuntu

Verify Nmap Version Installed

After the installation is finished, verify the installed version of Nmap by entering:

$ nmap –version

how to install nmap on Ubuntu

This is the way how you can install and run the NMAP on Kali Linux and discover hosts and services on a computer network by sending packets and analyzing the responses.


You can watch this video on how to install the NMAP on Kali Linux step by step without any error.


Now you know how to install and use Nmap on your Linux system. Nmap has many available options and can be a powerful and versatile scanning tool to discover network vulnerabilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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